Zebra is all about making your business ambitions a reality through clear, actionable marketing support and consultancy.

We take a black and white approach to our work, meaning you get simple, intentional actions to achieve the results you deserve.

Are you ready to have fun, build a business that thrives and step into the role of CEO? We’re here to help you get there.

Linz & Bec


Our passion is working with ambitious, motivated people, just like you, who are ready to grow their business, free up more time, and become more profitable.

We know that no two businesses are the same, and we work with you as an individual as well as diving into your business to ensure your marketing works for you. We’re here to take you from feeling stressed out IN your business to being confident and having the time to work ON your business, and to help you understand where to focus your efforts. Our consultancy is perfect if you want to streamline and understand clearly where to focus your efforts.

Are you ready to say YES to working with your ideal customers and YES to maximising your marketing efforts? We’re here to guide you with our expertise in marketing, business growth and mindset.

Getting to where you want to get to, isn’t as far away as you think with our bespoke consultancy options.



For those of you who don’t LOVE doing your own marketing because it’s not your thing, it is most definitely our thing and we’ve got you covered!

We offer a range of specialist hands-on marketing services, with bespoke packages to suit your requirements and budget.

We will always have a detailed discussion with you first so we can advise on the best options for you. We pride ourselves on working with businesses of all sizes, from exciting new start-ups to long-established global organisations.

The Joys Of Marketing podcast, hosted by Becky & Lindsey, will bring you a powerful mix of mindset mastery and marketing strategy so that your business can level UP! Launched in January 2022, there are plenty of new and previous sessions jam-packed with helpful conversations, guests and business advice. Tune in on all major podcast platforms.