Why investing in your biz and yourself is key to growth.

Posted on December 13, 2022 Categories: Blog

As we clicked confirm on our 50% deposit payment that we were making to our first biz coach we felt AMAZING. We were absolutely buzzing, raring to go and a little bit giddy with excitement. We were voice noting each other with how it was going to be SO good and pinging aaaall of the excitable gifs back and forth.

We were ready. We wanted to make it happen. We understood the value of investing in our biz. We were doing more than just investing in Zebra, we were investing in ourselves.

Now, let’s rewind a little. 

We’d been planning Zebra for a looooong time. We were productive procrastinators for over a year. Seeking perfection, thinking we had to have it all figured out, absorbing hundreds of podcasts and waiting for the ‘right’ time.

And what happened? We couldn’t cope with the swirling whirlpools that were our brains, we had ideas left, right and centre but didn’t know where to start and we had overthought EVERYTHING. We weren’t sleeping great, but at the same time we were getting mega excited. It was not productive, and we basically paralysed ourselves into taking no action at all.

We’ll share a little something here so that you understand the level of ‘planning’ we did before actually DOING anything. We had an Excel spreadsheet that we recently looked back on in disbelief, because we’d even costed out filing cabinets. For at that time, a non-existent office for a non-existent business!

But there it was on our list of things we ‘needed’ in place before we were ready to launch.

NEWSFLASH: Now that we ARE a business, we don’t even have one.

We also thought that we needed to have a bit more figured out before we could work with a coach. In our minds we thought we weren’t ‘ready’ to have a coach. That we would be a total nightmare and that we needed to be able to go to them with a clearer idea of what we needed help with.

NEWSFLASH: This is not true. 

We were afraid of admitting we were struggling because we had already worked in this field for years. We advised businesses on a daily basis on their growth and marketing strategies. So, why the hell could we not get our own shit together?

We were also super busy with juggling our full-time jobs. Did we really even have the time for more calls with a coach and the work that we would be doing around it?

NEWSFLASH: Yes, yes we absolutely did. And they were the calls and work that drove us and that we looked forward to doing.

A coach we were following on Instagram stood out to us. Her niche was helping early-stage businesses to find their niche. We definitely didn’t have a niche. We were still at the phase where niching felt scary and like ‘leaving money on the table’.

We reached out and enrolled in her 1:2:1 programme. Did we feel completely ready? Not really. Were we a bit all over the place in our overwhelmed state? Probably. Had we got the money? We funded it personally because Zebra wasn’t yet even a business at the time. 

And it was the best thing we did.

We worked through our overwhelm. We got serious about taking action. We shifted our mindset. We understood that we had been making excuses and we thrived on the accountability. The outside perspective we received was invaluable and the process challenged us just the right amount.

Changes were happening. Big ones! And it felt good. And everything became so much easier and completely aligned. 

When you’re feeling aligned, the magic happens!

A lot has happened since then, but one thing is for sure – we are 100% committed to continually investing in Zebra and in ourselves and to working with coaches. No matter how big or small your business, or what your bigger picture vision is, a coach can make all the difference.

What we’ve learnt? 

  • Invest before you’re ready.
  • It doesn’t have to stay how it is right now.
  • Getting to your next level is not that far away.
  • Streamlining and knowing where to focus your energy is key to a better work life balance.
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone can make transformations happen.

Our passion is to help businesses just like yours to streamline, take action, get clear on your bigger picture and have the strategy and confidence to move towards it. You don’t need to go through the stress and burn out that we did before making a change.


Bec & Linz