Are you taking action, or just planning to take action?

Posted on March 16, 2023 Categories: Blog Tags: ,

We’re all actually pretty good at planning aren’t we?

We like to write to-do-lists, say yes to doing things and think ahead to what we want to do in the next few months. But all too often these plans stay as just that – plans!

Taking action is the important part. And it needs to be intentional action.

We are big advocates of planning. In fact, we’re writing this short blog post at the end of a planning day. We’ve had the flip chart out, the highlighters have been bright and our GoogleDrive has been open for hours! We’ve been looking at the upcoming months, updating and dividing client tasks and writing down lots of ideas. But all of this needs to come with timescales and accountability to make sure it all becomes reality.

How often do plans that you get a real buzz for at the time of thinking about them, remain a dream?

Here are our three top tips for taking intentional action:

  • Connect to your action and your list. What will it mean to you and your business to get that task done?
  • Set rewards along the way as you cross of non-sexy tasks and reach milestones
  • Tell people your plans! This makes them REAL and helps with accountability

Often fear is a big reason we don’t take action, but we cover this with excuses like thinking we don’t have time or don’t know how. When the reality is one small step forwards can quick start everything.

When was the last time you made a plan of action? And what will you get started on after reading this blog?

You’ve got this!


Linz & Bec x