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Amy Walters, founder of Bloom Creative completed the Zebra Biz Accelerator programme in 2022. She is a fabulous business owner, a brilliant designer and all round superstar. She was recently a guest on The Joys of Marketing podcast, and we know that plenty of you would like to find out more about how her business has evolved, so we asked her some post-coaching programme questions.

When Amy began the Biz Accelerator programme her business (at the time Amy Walters Design) was four years old, and she was around six months into working fully on/in the business. She shared “I was feeling a bit stuck in some areas of my business and had vision for more, but I wasn’t feeling like I was moving forwards.”

This is something that is very common with business owners, no matter what stage your business is at, how long you have been operating or how much income you generate. One of the main reasons can be that you are so invested in the day to day of your business and your customers, that taking steps towards the bigger picture can be met with blocks.

The goal of our Biz Accelerator Programme is to support ambitious business owners to grow with a combination of practical actions and mindset shifts.

Following the programme, Amy shares “I LOVE my business now. I have a fresh vision for it and I’m enjoying the journey. I know the areas of my business that I enjoy and the areas I don’t like so much, and becoming more aware of that has meant I can reanalyse and adjust where I spend my time and energy.”

Taking steps to focus on doing more of the things you love takes confidence. It means trusting that if you let go of some of the things you don’t enjoy, then you will replace the time you spend on these with activities or clients that move your business forwards, whether this means outsourcing certain tasks or simply not offering those products or services anymore.

Each time your business evolves takes mindset work. This is because each time you evolve you step outside of your comfort zone and enter unknown territory for your business. Amy already did some mindset work when she began the programme but understands that there is no ‘completion’ of this.

We know we can tell very quickly if we have neglected ours for any reason.

On the topic of mindset work connected to the programme, Amy says “My mindset is so much better than previously, and it will always be a work in progress. I have taken huge steps in certain areas and unlocking the things that had shaped that mindset in the past has been freeing. Diving deeper into the power of mindset and affirmations has been great for my business and for myself personally. I used to think some of it was a bit cliche and cheesy and I didn’t consider that things like affirmations were for me until Linz and Bex encouraged me to give them a go!”

During her time working with us Amy had a lot to celebrate and was sure to give herself the recognition she deserves (we talk about the importance of this a lot!). Her business rebranded as Bloom Creative which felt so aligned with her long-term vision. She won Digital Woman of the Year 2022, hit goals that she had set, adjusted the pricing of some services that needed tweaking to reflect their value and worked with exciting new ideal clients.

“As I’m writing this, I’m remembering the pre coaching questions I filled in before starting the programme. I’m going to see if I can dig out my answers and spend a few moments looking at that questionnaire and reflecting on how far I’ve come, seeing what goals I’ve reached/am reaching, and seeing what I’d like to go after next.”

Reflection is vital in business. Recognising what you have achieved will increase your confidence when it comes to setting and reaching future goals, and looking at what could be done differently will help you to keep improving. Since completing her coaching programme with us, Amy has been awarded Runner-Up Young Kent Businesswoman of the Year 2023 and Bloom Creative was a finalist for Digital Business of the Year 2023 and she says her coaching played a huge part in getting her there.

We asked Amy what her main takeaway was from working with Zebra.

“I would say it has been revisiting WHY I run my business. For me it’s doing what I love, helping other businesses to bloom, having freedom to spend time with people I love, and making money so that I can do the things that I love to do! Another takeaway is to celebrate my wins!! “We’re quick to celebrate the wins of others, and cheer them on, and I’ve now learnt the power of celebrating my own wins and giving myself more recognition for my hard work and achievements!”!”

We loved working with Amy and she’s 100% your gal for all things branding, if you think your brand might need an uplift, you can find Amy on LinkedIn and you can check out Bloom Creative’s range of branding and design services here.

Here is what Amy has to say about the Biz Accelerator course overall:

“If you’re considering business coaching with Linz and Bex, I’d recommend it! They are lovely, welcoming, and ask all the right questions to get you thinking. Not only that, but they have a wealth of knowledge to share too. I knew that I would gain so much from my 1:1 coaching course with them after completing a free biz accelerator challenge that they set earlier in the year. I could immediately tell that they love what they do, they know what they’re doing, and they care for their clients. I gained so much from the free challenge that I knew investing in 1:1 coaching would be the perfect next step for me – and I wasn’t wrong! Coaching has unlocked so much in me and my business and I’m excited to see where it takes me in the future too, this is just the beginning. Thank you, Linz and Bex!”

The Zebra Biz Accelerator programme is for existing businesses who are ready to take it to the next level with tailored 1-2-1 sessions and accountability to help their businesses operate in a more profitable way and make plans for the next steps whilst maintaining an all-important work life balance. You can find out more about it here and if you’d like a no obligation chat to find out if it’s right for you, simply pop us an email – we’d love to hear from you!