Creating a brand with Jules Windsor Permanent Make Up

Posted on November 6, 2023 Categories: Blog Tags: , , ,


Jules Windsor Permanent Make Up launched in summer 2023. Jules specialises in semi-permanent natural cosmetic enhancement via microblading, powder brows, lip blush, eyeliner, and eyelash enhancement. Jules completed her first case study clients under the guidance of her expert tutor in autumn 2023 and is now fully operational from her beautiful home-based salon in Shropshire.

Jules wanted to establish a distinctive brand identity to attract her ideal customer, followed by the creation of marketing materials and a launch plan to implement it all. It was important that Jules branding sets her apart in a competitive market, conveys her commitment to quality and builds trust with her customers.

What we did: 


We undertook extensive foundational work with Jules to get to the root of what her brand identity would be. This included work on who her ideal client is, establishing her positioning in the market, and understanding what the personality of the business would be. This phase was supported with our branding workbooks and discussed via Zoom calls. We then moved onto the visuals, initially with a Pinterest mood board to develop a feel for what she felt drawn to and the styles that she preferred. 

From here we created the initial concepts, colour palettes and fonts for the branding. These were then discussed and whittled down until the final branding was chosen. A brand guideline brochure was then completed and handed over to Jules with all files, so she understands exactly how to use the brand.

The final branding is feminine, premium, and fun, and communicates the below:

  • The font is chosen as it represents the stye of an eyeliner pencil gliding across the page.
  • The colours are sophisticated and elegant to represent the quality of Jules’ work.
  • The eye is exactly how Jules wished it to look and conveys immediately the nature of the business.
  • It is versatile as it can be used all together or the eye and fonts can be separated out whilst remaining recognisable.

Marketing materials: 

Jules required marketing print materials including treatment aftercare instructions for each treatment and appointment cards. Using the already finalised branding, these were creating following a design process of gaining understanding what she wanted on them and seeing good examples. We then created initial concepts, with up to three rounds of revisions, before signing off on the final designs. 

The finished designs contain all required information whilst looking beautifully on-brand. Jules understands that her customers are trusting her with something permanent on their faces and wants to ensure they feel reassured and in safe, expert hands even once the appointment is finished. These materials mean they have something to take away afterwards as a reminder of their aftercare. They are comprehensive, professional, and practical, whilst allowing Jules to remain consistent with the look of the business.

Implementing it:

Jules attended an in-person half VIP Day with us to complete a launch plan with a timeline and actions for the business and to ensure she felt confident in her messaging and in rolling out her branding across her social media platforms, which initially will be the main driver for obtaining clients.


“Linz and the team at Zebra PR have been outstanding in assisting with the setting up of my new permanent makeup business. They have advised on branding and developed my aftercare instructions. They are all very approachable and are willing to listen and also explain marketing strategies in a simple way. I will definitely be using their expertise to help consolidate and grow my business! Thank you so much for all your help – it’s been so much fun! Coming up with ideas I would never of thought of, which is exactly what you want from your marketing company. Young, sassy, and full of enthusiasm!”


Our partnership with Jules Windsor demonstrates how effective branding and marketing materials can be to elevate and establish a business and attract the right customer base. By establishing a clear identity with elegance and professionalism, Jules has gained bookings quickly and set herself up effectively for growth in the industry. She also understands confidently how to use it in her marketing which is key to maximising its potential, and saving her time, so she can focus on her clients and their treatments without feeling like marketing her business is taking over.

You can find Jules Windsor on Instagram @jules_windsor_permanent_makeup