Client spotlight on: Point Six Training

Posted on February 21, 2024 Categories: Blog

Our work with Point Six Training.


Point Six were established in 2006 and are a leading training provider for the NHS and the wider private care sector in the UK. They offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical courses, delivered by expert trainers, all of whom have vast experience and some of who still work within their clinical roles alongside delivering sessions. They offer courses ranging from short webinars to multi-day in person events and now also have online self-study courses.

When we began working with Point Six in 2021, they did not have a social media presence, and this was a priority for the business. Clare who runs Point Six also had lots of ideas for the business and its growth and it was important for an action plan to be established to ensure they happened, and so we paired social media support with business coaching and marketing strategy to achieve this. We’re so proud of everything they have achieved in the past few years and are so excited for where Point Six are going.

What we did: 

Social media: 

Point Six did not have social media but Clare knew that despite being in a B2B industry and with their main client base being training decision makers in the NHS, that having a presence on social media was still important. There are many nursing and health profiles and influencers on social media and building connections with these made sense.

We worked with Point Six to create and establish their social media with a launch package. Over the past few years, we have managed the social media for Point Six at different stages. Clare enjoys social media but like many business owners goes through dips in motivation with it or struggles for time to fit it in – during these phases we are happy to step back in and cover the management. Building ongoing long-term relationships with clients and getting a detailed understanding of their business means we can do this.

Business coaching: 

Clare had lots of ideas for Point Six (and still does!) so we worked through twelve months of business coaching to prevent them from being overwhelming and turn them into plans that meant the business could grow.

A key aspect we worked on with Clare during this time was to establish the core areas of services Point Six provided so there was clarity in the offer. We also identified the target customer groups for Point Six, and these have different requirements to each other from them as a business. This led to the creation of new marketing materials and a new website. 

We also worked through establishing email marketing with Point Six, who now have a significant segmented database to contact.

A key area for Point Six and one they are well-known for is Spirometry training, with Jo, one of the founders, being an expert in this topic. Being a training provider delivering live courses meant that time was being directly exchanged for money in all Point Six services. We worked with Clare and Jo to launch an online self-study course for both initial courses and annual updates in Spirometry which went live in January 2024. This is a huge step for the business and ensures that these courses are widely accessible to as many students who need them as possible.

Marketing Strategy:

A strategy was required to communicate effectively with the different customers of Point Six as well as to launch their new product of virtual self-study courses. We worked with Clare to reverse engineer from the proposed launch date a campaign to promote these new courses. They collected expressions of interest from individuals and groups (who would need team access) from weeks prior to the self-study courses going live. Some of these committed and paid in advance. This meant that when the course was complete and live, they already had people signed up, relieving the pressure significantly from the initial launch period.

VIP Days:

In addition to regular business coaching sessions and marketing support, sometimes you can’t beat a day around the table getting your heads together to get creative and plan! Quarterly VIP Days have worked well to boost inspiration and make specific plans for actioning ideas, whilst ensuring they are manageable.


“I just wanted to thank you both so much for the VIP Day that we had last week. You guys are honestly amazing! I can’t believe how much we covered in just a few hours. It feels incredible to have converted all my ideas into an action plan and now I am ready to smash my goals! Without you both this would not be possible.”


Our partnership with Point Six training demonstrates how taking a holistic approach to your business growth and marketing is an effective way to operate, and how dedicating time to working on your business in this way will ensure continual forward progress and growth. Clare now has a popular passive income stream as well as thriving online and in-person offerings. The clients of Point Six know exactly how they work with them and what they offer meaning they have long-term mutually beneficial relationships built on trust in the service and quality they deliver. Clare is able to continue to plan for her business growth without feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done and how to market it.