Our work with Shropshire Growth Hub.

Posted on April 23, 2024 Categories: Blog


Shropshire Growth Hub is an access point for businesses in Shropshire to access information and support. We have been on their approved list for delivering marketing and business growth support for several years now. Through Shropshire Growth Hub we have supported 100+ businesses of various sizes, sectors and both start-up and established.

What we do: 


We have delivered several series of webinars for Shropshire Growth Hub on various marketing, mindset, and business growth topics. These can be standalone or in a series, and during specific times of year e.g., Christmas can be focused on planning seasonal campaigns. These have always been well-attended and received great feedback.

1:2:1 support: 

Through referrals we have supported lots of businesses in a 1:2:1 capacity for up to 12 hours. This is perfect for those businesses that need more specific support than a webinar or training day can provide. This support can be through coaching sessions to guide them, in-person sessions or through completing certain aspects of marketing work on their behalf.

Training days:

We have delivered many training days, half-days, and programmes of in-person training days in the area for businesses to attend. These have again been on a wide range of marketing, mindset, and business growth topics. Our training days have always received excellent feedback from attendees who have left feeling motivated and empowered to implement their new knowledge into their businesses. We pride ourselves on our interactive, inclusive and engaging approach to sessions.


“We have worked with Zebra PR for several years now. On behalf of the Shropshire Growth Hub and Shropshire Council they have delivered training days, webinar series, drop-ins and 1-2-1 business support to businesses in the area. Their sessions are always popular and receive great feedback from attendees. Lindsey and Becky are generous with their time and information and go above and beyond to tailor their sessions to the businesses. We hope to continue to work with them into the future so that more businesses can benefit from their marketing and business growth knowledge.”


Our partnership with Shropshire Growth Hub has enabled many businesses across the region to access marketing support for their business. The range of methods of delivery and durations from a 1-hour webinar to a 5-month in-person series of sessions means there is something to suit all businesses. The support Shropshire Growth Hub provide in the area is excellent and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them and helping many more businesses in the future.