“We live in times in which ordinary people can do amazing things using the right tools”

Welcome to Marketing by Zebra!

We believe that the right marketing, executed in the right way, can make your business thrive.

Done for you marketing is where our roots lie, it’s what we have become known for over the years and it’s something we love to do and that we know gets results. Whilst we offer coaching and consultancy as well these days, we can’t resist remaining ‘hands on’ with marketing services that we love.

We’re huge advocates in our coaching of outsourcing things that aren’t in your zone of genius, that are taking up your time or that you don’t enjoy – and for many of you marketing falls into that category. We’ve selected the services we love the most so you can be sure we’re committed to you and your business.

Just imagine the time you could spend doing the things you do LOVE, if team Zebra were looking after some of the things you don’t!


Social media is an incredible opportunity for you as a business to communicate with your customers and potential customers. It is cost-effective, used by literally billions of people and rapidly growing. Used effectively it can boost sales and elevate your brand awareness to wild new levels! 

Maybe you want to focus more on your day-to-day and not have to spend time worrying about your social media presence? Do words like algorithm make you yawn? Do you want your social media profiles to be working for you, without you needing to check them every day? Outsourcing your social media is more cost-effective than many businesses expect, when compared to employing someone in-house to run the pages.

If you’re nodding along to any of the above, we will have a package just perfect for you. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your business stands out and to get the results you want to see. Social media management is not a one size fits all package as each business has unique requirements for it, please use the below as a guide price and reach out to us for a bespoke quote.

Social media services include:

  • Eight weeks launch if you’re new or need a boost – from £895+VAT
  • Social media management from £500+VAT per month
  • Holiday cover for your social media – from £150+VAT per week
  • Social media strategy creation – from £150+VAT


We believe a combination of in-person and virtual training sessions works best. We LOVE the buzz of a group session, with a lovely lunch and interaction from everyone in the room helping each other. We also LOVE the way in which online masterclasses can reach so many people within just an hour and how everyone can chat and network.

We deliver training on a wide range of marketing topics, including:

  • Social media
  • Building customer relationships
  • Productivity and streamlining
  • Events planning and management
  • Money mindset and pricing
  • Identifying and attracting ideal customers
  • Goal setting
  • Brand identity 
  • Action planning (inc. for specific times of year such as Christmas)
  • Creating content for your marketing 

We work with biz owners on a 1-2-1 bespoke basis, we regularly organise events you can book onto, or we love to be invited into organisations to deliver sessions to teams.


Sharing good quality content across all of your marketing outlets is crucial to capturing the attention of potential customers. Your customers need to know that you ‘get’ them. And with video content in particular more important than ever, creating content that stands out has never been more important.

Content creation can accompany other services or be utilised for you to then implement. We know content is a broad term, so here are a few things that this can include:

  • Social media still images – posts and carousels
  • Social media caption writing
  • Short form video content – including reels
  • Long form video content – including YouTube videos
  • Photography


Are you feeling a bit stuck with your marketing?
Maybe you’re not too sure who you’re targeting right now?
Confused about where your customers are going to find you?
Perhaps you need a bit of a refresh and rethink on your business and what it stands for?
Do you have an epic new product but you’re not sure how to launch it?

Gaining clarity and having a vision, with a plan of action makes the WORLD of difference in your confidence to market yourself. We will work with you to produce an effective, realistic and actionable marketing strategy that’s ready for you to implement, or if you prefer, we can put it into action with you.


Email marketing is a brilliant way to communicate with your customers and be sure it’s landing directly in the inbox of someone that WANTS to hear from you!

 If used effectively it can boost sales, drive traffic to your website or social media and really show people who you are. It is a great tool for providing value to customers and converting potential customers to paying ones. Consistency is key and you need to send out good information, regularly. If you don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves, or maybe you simply don’t enjoy writing – let us do it for you.

Monthly emails designed, copywritten and sent out to your audience – £125+VAT.

If you don’t have an existing email database or you need to grow it, we can work with you to establish lead magnets and other methods for capturing email data and beginning to grow your list. It’s never too late to start!


Investing time to get your branding right is so important. Your brand is SO much more than just a logo. It’s your promise to your customers.

If you need to establish your brand, or you’ve fell out of love with your existing branding, we will work with you to establish your foundations – who you truly are as a business. Your personality, your values, your tone of voice, your mission and your ideal customer all form a part of your brand. Then we can move onto the visuals and develop a brand with you that you will LOVE for years, and that can evolve with your business into the future.

It may be that you have a visual logo or colours that you love, but you need to get clarity on your messaging and communication to customers – this is all a part of branding. This means that working together on your branding is often through a combination of conversations about your business and design work.

If your brand is established we can create marketing materials for you including business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters and more.

Full branding packages are from £350+VAT.
Ad-hoc design work is from £35+VAT.

We’d love to speak to you about your branding and design requirements. Check out a case study from a previous branding client here 🌟

“Linz and the team at Zebra PR have been outstanding in assisting with the setting up of my new permanent makeup business. They have advised on branding and developed my aftercare instructions. They are all very approachable and are willing to listen and also explain marketing strategies in a simple way. I will definitely be using their expertise to help consolidate and grow my business! Thank you so much for all your help – it’s been so much fun! Coming up with ideas I would never of thought of, which is exactly what you want from your marketing company. Young, sassy, and full of enthusiasm!” – Jules Windsor Permanent Make Up


We love to write and we take time to ensure any words we put together for your business reflect your company tone of voice and will resonate with your target customers.

Language is emotive, and with blogging returning in popularity, LinkedIn proving as popular as ever, wanting to stand out on social media and email marketing having a high ROI when it comes to marketing activity, there has never been a better time to get serious about what your business is saying!

Our writing services include blogs, articles, press releases*, website copy, newsletters, social media captions and more.

*We also offer a PR service where we can liaise with you to create editorial content and also distribute releases and articles.