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Strat Chat

Designed to ensure your business thrives and keeps moving towards that dream vision you have. You know, the one you had when you set up your biz? That FIRE in your belly and LOVE for what you do. The day dreams of working less hours, having more free time and work not even feeling like a job!

Our 90-minute Strat Chats are just perfect for you!

We get it!

  • Do you have a whole load of ideas but aren’t quite sure what the next step could be?
  • Is there a bit more streamlining to do but you’re not totally clear on where?
  • Have you got a little bit lost with your messaging, vision or ideal client?

And, hey, sometimes it’s just a little bit lonely in the biz world and you might need a sound board to figure it all out with you! The walls of your office just don’t cut it for bouncing ideas off!

Whatever it is, our strat chats are totally tailored to you. We’re your biggest cheerleaders, we’ll challenge you, provide accountability and ensure you have clarity on your next steps.

We ask you to complete a comprehensive business questionnaire before the sessions to really ensure you get maximum impact from these jam-packed calls.

The investment for our 90-minute Strat Chats is just £99. You’re welcome to book a regular slot so that we can work together to ensure you’re always taking intentional action OR for some clients they work best ad-hoc for moments where you need guidance or in the build-up to a launch.